You will choose the given basic 4 characters and a Lord.
You will choose the opponent in PvP mode or if you want to continue the story, you can play PvE for whole story progression.
You will receive a chest after each win and in that chest, you will receive different character cards to upgrade or unlock new character.
After certain levels the different lords will get unlocked but all cards of lords are legendary, you need to collect 100 cards to unlock one lord.
The Battle is turn based and you have different characters of different abilities like one is tank another one is mage etc.
Goals of the game -
  1. 1.
    Complete the story mode
  2. 2.
    Unlock different characters
  3. 3.
    Gain $TRD tokens & Unique NFT Cards
  4. 4.
    Upgrade your characters
  5. 5.
    Unlock different chests
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