The Realm Defenders is a Free to Play & Play to Earn RPG style strategy game based on Polygon blockchain. You are defending your castle against the demons. The ecosystem consists of RPG Game, Upgrading Heroes and NFT marketplace to trade your heroes. Players will earn rewards in the form of $TRD tokens & unique NFT Cards.

In the exploding online gaming market, which has anticipated to grow at 17.5% CAGR over the next 7 years to reach annual revenues exceeding $285 billion, The Realm Defenders (TRD) sits in the attractive competitive gaming segment. The game is designed to appeal to players who enjoy strategy, immersive storytelling and fantasy themes.

A key differentiating factor is that TRD players have the potential to earn income directly through online gameplay, as well as by supporting the game's ecosystem. 90% of competitive gamers are intrigued by the possibility of earning income while playing games.

TRD players can make money not only with their playing skills but also by:

  • Selling or leasing in-game items

  • Selling and trading unique in-game NFTs

Decentralised governance mechanisms will gradually be introduced in TRD. The aim is to create the perfect realm for a self-governing game where players elect a council that will decide upon the best interests, what features to add, new levels, new heroes & demons, what things to implement and much more.

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