About The Realm Defenders
There are 10 kingdoms governed by the committee of lords called “The Leaders”. Tyra is one of them and he owns the power of the underworld.
He can create creatures or summon them from the underworld, but he is always neglected by others, and one day he decides to take revenge and kill all the 10 lords. He poisoned one and tried to kill the next target.
But he gets captured by the Lord HELIM and they all decide to punish him with a death sentence but somehow he escapes and reaches the underworld. He wants to conquer all the kingdoms on this planet, so he started attacking one by one. After a few months one kingdom fairyland is attacked by the lord Tyra with a ton of army and mythical creatures, the lord of that kingdom is HELIM.
HELIM starts to build an army and started attacking the captured kingdom by Tyra to free the people and try to save the other lords.
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